Our newspapers and social media newsfeeds/timelines provide clear evidence of it every day. Yet when it comes to the military, no amount of abuse of power by military dictators has been seen as the damning evidence. That it is our biggest problem: civil military imbalance and a reluctance to trust the elected representatives of the […]

We do have a rubber stamp with his signature on it. Our daughter goes with us, and she helps him get to the table. I guess we could stamp the pictures ahead of time.». One scene that I can remember is faberry going at it at the kitchen island/table while brittana watch while touching themselves. […]

Instead, the AGs’ secrecy pact was drafted in anticipation of open records requests, which it aims to frustrate. In fact, the Illinois OAG has already expressly claimed it as a reason the office cannot release public records sought by E Legal. These AGs are quite attentive to the document’s emphasis on only sharing discussions of […]

Back up your main opinion with specifics. The readers now know you think, «This comedy had funny moments but went on too long.» It’s time for you to prove it. Write about how the teen actors had good timing, as they did in another film. Yes, many! I detail all of this at the end […]

It well documented by now that the longest stretch without a World Series championship belongs to the Cubs. They last won the fall classic in 1908, and have not been back to the series since 1945, where they lost to the Tigers in seven games. Even if Chicago had won that series, the franchise would […]

House voted 336 37 to ban blackouts of sold out games through the 1975 season. Rep. Jack Kemp, a New York Republican, told Sports Illustrated after the vote.. Alessandro was a large, vigorous man. He actively practised the Catholic faith. He, in the words of his friend Lichtenberg, «understood a lot about the electricity of […]